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Gingerbread Haus bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the Georgian marketplace. If you are a foreigner looking to enter the Georgian market to invest or live, we can provide you with the critical information to make a wise investment decision.

We provide sound knowledge and expertise in assisting you to find a high yielding investment property or a new place to call home


We have the expertise to help you find the best investment

We know the ins and outs of the real estate market and we can guide you through the steps and processes of buying Real Estate in Georgia. We`ll work with you to find the perfect investment property to meet your investment needs.


Our team offers professional advice and information on the long and short term rental market

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience in both the Long and Short term market places and can provide expert advice on what returns you could expect to see in Georgia. With over $50 million dollars in property sales and 60 properties currently managed you can rest assured you are dealing with a team that live and breathe property. We`re dedicated to providing you with honest and expert advice about the market conditions and expectations.


Assisting foreigners looking to call Georgia home

The Gingerbread team fell in love with Georgia and we’re sure that you will too! If you’re looking to call Georgia home, we can guide you through the complete process including finding a property, setting up businesses, banking and understanding the taxation and employment offerings within Georgia


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Sell your property with Gingerbread Haus

A team of top-performing professionals with the passion, market knowledge, and discipline unmatched by any other agency in Georgia will ensure the successful sale of your property.


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Gingerbreads creative and experienced team are proactive in using innovative processes and new rental methods to help steer your investment towards a prosperous future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Georgian market offers incredible opportunities for investors. A key area of this is NO stamp
duty, NO lenders mortgage insurance and a simplified process for transferring the property. If
purchasing an existing dwelling, often they come fully furnished reducing in further fit out costs.

The Gingerbread team has purchased dozens of properties around Georgia and can provide a
streamlined service to investing in Georgia

Georgia has a strong demand for properties with very healthy yields. Properties marketed correctly
or with a key point of difference can see gross returns of 15% +

The seasonal weather and affordability make Georgia a highly desirable tourism location for
Europeans and Asians able to fly in at an affordable cost.

Absolutely! Georgia is open for business for foreigners to purchase property. The properties are able
to be purchased free hold with the property set up in your personal name, or a property can be
purchased in a Georgian company name depending on the structure you’re looking to achieve.

Our team have guided many investors into the process of purchasing land, housing and apartments
in both personal and company names and we’ve designed a process for new investors to enter the

Although possible, it isn’t always easy. The other negative to finance in Georgia is the high interest
rates in comparison to the majority of the markets around the globe. Housing/Construction loans in
Georgia are currently in the vicinity of 9-10% which if borrowing take a considerable percentage of

Yes, after purchasing dozens of properties and working with investors to get into the Georgian
market, we have build a purpose built system to help new investors through the steps of buying
Georgian property. Contact us here for more information

You certainly can! Opening a bank in Georgia is quite a straight forward process through the main
banks – Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank and Terra Bank.
Setting up an account requires you to bring your passport and complete the necessary paperwork.
Often you’ll need to purchase your debit card. Annual fees often apply but aren’t required to be paid
upfront and can be paid off into the account directly.
Other options are also available for clients looking for a high-end personalised service with a
subsidiary bank of Bank of Georgia known as Solo.
All banks have Mobile applications for internet services, payments etc and the banks offer funds to
be held in GEL, USD or EUR.
There are reasonable rates available for term deposits through the bank using the native currency

There are no stamp duty costs with property in Georgia. You’ll pay a minor transfer fee of around
$100 GEL – $38 USD. This matched with the high yields, growth opportunity and minimum capital
gains tax offers a wonderful opportunity for investors.

Doing business in Georgia is easy and with the right team in place you can purchase property
without any headaches or time delays.

The low taxes, low entry costs and high yields create a unique proposition for buyers. Setting up a
business and bank account can be completed for you and all signed off and completed by our legal
team and all property uses blockchain technology meaning it is a public ledger for all to view.
Renovations and construction opportunities are everywhere. With older properties in Georgia, there
is a great opportunity to buy an undervalued property and renovate for a profit.
New Construction in both Tbilisi and the seaside location of Batumi offer investors a range of
different investment options to suit their investment needs.

Georgian property is often sold in different frame forms.

  • Black frame (External / Internal walls / Concrete floor/ Cement render to walls) 
    Essentially, if you plan to do a complete fit out of the property including all plumbing, electrical
  • White frame ( Black frame plus -plumbing and electrical installed ( final connection of
    power/light sockets and all electrical & plumbing fittings still required).
  • Green frame – Also sometimes called “turn key” is a completed property requiring only
    furniture / window treatments to complete

Note – Some Turnkey properties also still don’t include – Airconditioning / Wardrobes / Bathroom
mirrors etc – so it is worth finding out exactly what their definition of turn key entails.


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